Teacher Training

This full-time or the part time course is ideal for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of yoga, whether it be for teaching or simply to invest in a personal practice. This experience is guaranteed to change the way that you look at and practice yoga! 

Teacher training 2022 with
MCY International 

The training comes with a in-depth manual which has been evolving over 2 decades.

TOPICS of this Manual INCLUDE

 Teaching methodologies and yoga techniques

  • Guided practice of FORREST Inspired Yoga using specially designed sequences for Teacher Training which includes, 

  • Intelligent sequencing, class planning, class management, authentic speaking as the teacher 

  • Guided practice of meditation and pranayama in detail

  • Holding Ceremony

  • The art of teaching, including verbal instruction, demonstration and how to "workshop" technique

  • The art of assisting and hands-on adjustments

  • Precise pronunciation of Sanskrit names of postures

  • Key Principles of alignment in all common basic postures, bandha, and transitional flow

  • Using your voice and developing confidence in teaching

  • Using Props and equipment in yoga practice


Injury management and special conditions

  • Prenatal yoga

  • Principles of Remedial yoga therapy for common physical postural problems


Ethics of teaching yoga


Anatomy and physiology

  • Applied anatomy for yoga practice means understanding "alignment' from the inside out

  • Basic joint structure and function and the physiology of the nervous system is the basis of yoga as therapy


The business of yoga

  • Advancement in your career: How to progress from novice to expert

  • Giving and receiving: what and how does a yoga teacher transact

  • Defining your business objectives and drawing up your action plan


Yoga philosophy

  • History of yoga

  • Selected lessons from the Vedas, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita

  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limbs of Yoga

  • The Roots of Contemporary Yoga –Krishnamacharya's Legacy

  • Chakra System (including the energetic anatomy: koshas, gunas, nadis)

  • Practical introspection and self inquiry

  • Special Guest teachers are included

  • Myofascial Release

  • Chanting

  • Functional Movement

  • Body Working - effectively 


The advanced training (100hrs) is either taken on as a private group (no more than 5 students), alternatively this could be done as a private training where it is just you and Mel working hands on, in person.

We look at some of the following;
- Assists ( how to access, go in with confidence and make a change)
- Healing modalities that I use to work on bodies in Asana or even just body work in Savasana eg. Cranial Sacral. 
- As well as deconstructing the way you think of sequencing and refinement of these techniques - within your existing style.

It really is for the teacher who is looking to hone in and make a group/private class feel unique in a way that is healing and transformative not just for the student but for yourself as a teacher.