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"People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives.
As an active yoga teacher, I see yoga as a very personal practice which everyone experiences differently.
Hear from my students, in their reviews, how the practice of yoga has affected them."


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Practice with me Online via Livestream. Beginner to advanced practitioners, class levels adjusted ensuring safe practices with challenging progressions &  variations given providing a holistic harmony to body, mind and soul.


Mind Body & Soul

Often misunderstood Yoga is the definitive connection of mind and body. Through the physical practice one strives towards achieving mindfulness and a level of engagement with oneself ensuring a more balanced existence. The physical practise is both challenging and restorative, depending totally on what you, as the individual are looking for.

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Trained in the North and South of India, the East and West Coast of the United States and in her home country, South Africa, Mel has a diverse and in-depth yoga education. She is a Forrest Guardian, hand-picked by Ana Forrest and trained by Jürgen and David Jacobs. 


Melanie Castleman

Yoga Teacher

After more than fifteen years of experience, Mel has developed her own style of teaching. She teaches a Forrest inspired Vinyasa class with Alignment and Form (David Jacobs & Jurgen Meusel)  

A practice of the heart, of the body and of the mind, Mel's classes embody the yogic principles of strength and compassion - fierce compassion. She leads her students through creative sequences and through intensity to gentle transformation. With attention to body alignment and to breath, she weaves a web of connectedness throughout the class, creating a slow but fluid flow.​

Based in Johannesburg and streaming live worldwide, Mel has a dedicated following both locally and abroad. To many she has been a warrior of light through the dark times of 2020 - a generous spirit, much loved by her students and teachers alike.

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“Mel is an exceptional teacher.”


“Such lovely sequencing”


“One of the most inspiring Skilful Teachers ”