"Holding space for an experience needed by my students is my passion and my fuel"



"People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives.

As an active yoga instructor, I see yoga as a personal practice which everyone experiences differently.

Hear how the practice of yoga has affected my students in their testimonials."


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Melanie Castleman

Internationally recognised yoga teacher, Melanie Castleman, is known for her personal engagement and motivational teaching. Her instructing style embodies physical, spiritual and mental strength. 


Based in Johannesburg, Melanie Castleman has a dedicated following locally and internationally.​​ She​​​ is a Forrest Guardian, hand-picked by Ana Forrest and although she is trained in many different styles, including Iyengar, she gravitates towards Forrest Yoga and Forrest inspired Vinyasa.​

After more than fifteen years of experience and training, Mel has developed her own style of teaching.​ With attention to detail and to breath work, Mel weaves a web of connectedness throughout the class, facilitating a slow but fluid flow.

Her classes are creatively sequenced and light hearted with the right amount of intensity for gentle transformation.

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